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Mining Supply Products

Special Mine Services handles a complete line of mining supply products:

  • Splice Kits
  • Tapes
  • Kellums Grips
  • Lugs and Splice Sleeves
  • Cable Cutters

  • Cable Crimpers
  • Cable Couplers
  • Cable Connectors
  • Lineman's Gloves
  • Rail Bonds

Products & Services

Cable Service

Special Mine Services offers complete cable service including splicing, re-insulation, jacket patching on both low voltage and high voltage of cable up to and including 25 KV three conductor with ground and ground check. We can transport long lengths of cable on our reel trucks which are equipped with hydraulically driven reels. Some of our cable repairmen have over thirty years of individual experience working on all kinds of cable.

Battery Services

Special Mine Services can completly re-tray any type of battery with individual cells from the smaller fork truck type batteries to the larger coal hauler batteries. Each battery is completely charged and then discharged over a steady six hour discharge rate to determine which cells are weak and need to be replaced with new cells. We then remove all defective cells and replace them with new cells. The battery is then sealed with sealing compound and the intercell connecting straps are replaced. The battery is then fully charged and painted prior to shipping.

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